Design at Business F2F: Q3 2018

The Design at Business quarterly face to face meet up was hosted by Informatica on 21, September 2018. Around twenty designers from the participating companies were part of the meet-up. The session started with a fun-filled icebreaker activity. Point of view presentations A couple of designers from Informatica presented Point of View presentations. Atul introduced … Continue reading Design at Business F2F: Q3 2018


Clicks and Scrolls

It is human tendency to measure any success with numbers. Traditionally, no of clicks have been a tool to measure usability and scrolling has been a measure of findability or information visibility. But its time we move on. This is the age of handheld devices that are used extensively for content consumption. Internet speed is … Continue reading Clicks and Scrolls

Intro on AI, Machine Learning and more…

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the intelligence that the machine develops from learning (Machine Learning). The education process starts with a lot of training data. With days of (machine) learning, it gains knowledge and becomes intelligent. Ex. Let’s say you want the machine to spot cars in all photographs. You train it with pictures of cars – … Continue reading Intro on AI, Machine Learning and more…