Design at Business F2F: Q3 2018

The Design at Business quarterly face to face meet up was hosted by Informatica on 21, September 2018. Around twenty designers from the participating companies were part of the meetup. The session started with a fun-filled icebreaker activity.


Point of view presentations

A couple of designers from Informatica presented Point of View presentations. Atul introduced Informatica and its product suite. Giridhar presented a case study on Informatica Enterprise Data Catalog and walked us through the entire process and its design evolution. Srinivasu gave a presentation on Accessibility in Informatica products and his approach to creating Accessibility Champions. All the presentations were followed by very lively discussions on their experience and learnings from their previous projects. 

Workshop on Startup culture within your organization

Atul Manohar from Informatica hosted a workshop on bringing startup culture to enterprise organizations. In the context of the competitive landscape of disruptive startups, it is important for the traditional business to have a culture that enables innovation. 

But, how can the businesses achieve that?  

The participants were divided into four teams and they worked on the problem statement. 


All the groups presented their concepts on processes and models, which enable generation and execution of ideas. We need frameworks and processes to break out of silos and cross functional collaboration is key to the culture of innovation. 

Design at Business Updates 

DSC01602New core team members have been identified for coordinating Design at Business future activities. A template for the cookbook was presented, which provides a platform for design teams to showcase state design in their organizations . Another highlight was the announcement of Design at Business blog that would allow us to share our ideas and strike meaningful conversations about design in general.  Participants shared updates on the design conferences and meet-ups they attended in the last few months. 

Talk on Introduction to Analytics, ML and AI by Sachin Mudholkar

DSC01606Sachin Mudholkar from Relatas was invited to give a talk on Introduction for AI and ML. He walked us through the evolution of Analytics & various stages involved. He spoke on case studies on Telecom Analytics framework and Sales Analytics framework. As designers, it was an enlightening session to know in detail about the ML and AI trends.

Group Discussion on Design & Business Strategy 

DSC01623.JPGArthi from Informatica led a group discussion on Design & Business strategy for the all companies present to reflect on their current stand. As it was rightly mentioned, the level of design impact varies in each team within a company. The design maturity level is usually different across various functions or products and it also depends on the type of company be it consumer facing or enterprise company. Companies having design presence in their leadership were more design focused. Once design is accepted as more than just a cosmetic change and more involved in the company’s process, the next challenge would be to adopt design as a mindset. During the discussion we realised that although all the companies were getting sensitised to design, the process was pretty slow in many cases. 

Different people perceive design differently and the language of design is hazy, hence there is confusion regarding what it mean by design. For children, design is something to do with patterns, whereas for a developer it is all about UI and for a customer its about the experience of the product. 

Key Takeaways

At the end of the day, each of us present had a lot of takeaways. 
  • Should the designers consider the various other service touch-points which the customer would interact with during your product lifecycle?
  • How can we create an empathy between designers and developers? Can some form of role-playing exercise be beneficial? 
  • How is the current position of design in our organization and how can we improve it?
  • Should designers be Jack of all Trades or Master of just one? 
  • Are designers aware of business to get a seat at the table?
  • Should there be accountability on designers with revenue or ROI? 

The next edition of Design at Business will be hosted by Titan on December 5, 2018. 


Follow the Design at Business blog and be part of the discussion.

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